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This communitie slash_this, is a communitie for people into trading notebooks, cd's, mixtapes, or anything else you wanna trade. The slash_this idea comes from, bargin shopping, if you get something you don't want, need, or use. someone else could prolly use it. If and when you post your home address, you can also post it 'friends' only so only members and or people that are in the communitie can see it...

I don't think I need to go over the rules, if someone posts their adress or contact information in here. You should be respectful and not do anything that would cause them harm, or disrespect. Because I'm sure you wouldn't want it.

Also I will look back often and put the memories in here, of people's intros or adresses. Also if you post long entires or more then one pic. please and i can not stress this enough.. PLEASE

use this. <*lj-cut text="Your words here ">

minus the space and star.

Ways to get banned or deleted.

Posting tests
Posting about your night
Posting anything hateful or disrespectful
Posting about stuff that doesn't pretain to this community.

Please I really don't care about what object, or season you are. That's for your personal journal and yes there are test communities out there. Just look for them!...

Thank you and have a great day